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Understanding the Role of McKenzie Friends in Family Court


Navigating the family court system can be a complex and challenging experience, especially for individuals who cannot afford legal representation. In such cases, the presence of a McKenzie Friend can offer support and guidance. In this blog article, we will explore the concept of McKenzie Friends in family court proceedings, their role, limitations, and the benefits they can provide to those involved in family law disputes.

What is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is a term used in England and Wales to describe a person who assists an unrepresented litigant in court. The name originates from a historic case, McKenzie v. McKenzie, which established the right for a non-legally qualified person to accompany and provide support to a litigant during court proceedings.

Role and Responsibilities

The primary role of a McKenzie Friend is to provide moral support, practical assistance, and guidance to the litigant during court hearings. Although they are largely not legally qualified, they can offer valuable assistance by:

1. Taking notes: McKenzie Friends can help the litigant to take notes during the proceedings, ensuring important details are recorded accurately.

2. Offering advice and guidance: They can provide general information about court processes, rules, and procedures, enabling the litigant to better understand their rights and options.

3. Assisting with case preparation: McKenzie Friends can assist with organizing documents, drafting statements, and preparing evidence for court.

4. Suggesting questions: They can help the litigant formulate appropriate questions for witnesses, ensuring key points are addressed during cross-examination.

5. Providing emotional support: Going through family court proceedings can be emotionally challenging. McKenzie Friends offer moral support and encouragement, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Limitations and Boundaries

While McKenzie Friends can provide valuable assistance, it's important to be aware of their limitations and the boundaries of their involvement:

1. No right of audience: McKenzie Friends cannot address the court directly, present arguments, or speak on behalf of the litigant.

2. No legal representation: They cannot provide legal advice or advocate for the litigant's case in the same way a qualified lawyer would.

3. Court approval: McKenzie Friends must seek permission from the court to accompany the litigant. The court has the discretion to refuse or limit their participation if it is deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the proceedings.

Benefits of McKenzie Friends

The presence of a McKenzie Friend can have several benefits for unrepresented litigants:

1. Access to justice: For those who cannot afford legal representation, McKenzie Friends can provide a valuable avenue to access the legal system and ensure a fair hearing.

2. Support and guidance: McKenzie Friends offer emotional support, reassurance, and practical assistance, helping to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the court process.

3. Enhanced understanding: By explaining court procedures, rules, and terminology, McKenzie Friends can help litigants better comprehend the proceedings and make informed decisions.

4. Increased confidence: Having a trusted individual by their side can boost a litigant's confidence, enabling them to present their case more effectively.


McKenzie Friends play a vital role in supporting unrepresented litigants in family court proceedings. Their presence can provide practical assistance, emotional support, and a better understanding of the court process. If you find yourself involved in family court proceedings without legal representation, considering the support of a McKenzie Friend could prove beneficial in navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Unlike many McKenzie Friend services Puzzle Piece Law promises to provide you with a McKenzie Friend who either has legal qualifications or is studying towards legal qualifications. We believe this means our McKenzie Friend service offers our clients a higher quality of service and reassurance that our activities are regulated and align with a strict code of conduct. To find out how our service can benefit you, get in touch today.

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