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At Puzzle Piece Law we have experience of supporting parents challenge decisions made by schools or the local authority including;​

  • Failure of the local authority to provide special educational needs support

  • Challenge a refusal to assess or Education & Health Care Plan contents

  • Support with annual reviews

  • Challenge named provider/school

  • Disability Discrimination Challenges


Your child is precious and so is their education. You may feel your child needs some extra support or is not getting the support they need. If you believe your child needs additional support you are entitled to request an EHC needs assessment to obtain an EHC Plan. Whether it is initiating help or seeking assistance at how best to approach a review, we can help.

The challenges of being a parent or carer of a young person with additional needs does not stop with their education. Indeed the real challenge comes when your young person reaches the age of 18. We can advise on post 18 considerations such as;

  • FE placements and post 18 continuation of the EHCP

  • Court of Protection Deputyship - Personal Welfare

  • Court of Protection Deputyship - Finances

Puzzle Piece Law
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