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Education, Training & Resources

Our mission is to keep costs down for individuals in a relationship breakup. We have developed our training academy with that in mind and provide some free resources for  based on client FAQ's.  Choose between our accessible online courses and free downloadable factsheets.

Colorful Notebooks


Free factsheets from our clients frequently asked questions. You will find links to forms referred to at the bottom of the page.

Factsheets are for information only. For advice, book an initial free consultation today.


Image by Zoriana Stakhniv
Image by Eric Ward

Non-Molestation Orders

Child Arrangements Orders

Child Model
Image by Luke Stackpoole

Occupation Order

Evidence for Non-Molestation & Occupation Orders

Stack of Files
School Kids

Prohibited Steps/Specific Issue Orders

Self-Representing/McKenzie Friends

Courthouse Steps

Court Forms

Useful links

Court fees

Information on help with court fees

Apply for divorce, dissolution or judicial separation

Financial proceedings Form A

Financial statement Form E

Register Home rights

Non-molestation/occupation order application

Section 8 order c100 application

Allegations of harm

Apply for permission

Cafcass Child Impact Assessment Framework

If you need assistance with these or any other applications please get in touch.

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