What is a McKenzie Friend?

Anyone involved in a court case in England and Wales is entitled to represent themselves. They do not have to instruct a Solicitor or Barrister to act for them and often the price puts these options out of reach. If you are representing yourself, you are called a ‘Litigant in Person’.

As a Litigant in Person you are entitled to support and have the right to be accompanied in court. That support can be obtained from a fee paid ‘McKenzie Friend’ who can not only accompany you in court but also guide you through that process. Using a McKenzie Friend, keeps costs low but gives you the valuable support you need when you need it most.

In a report about fee paid McKenzie Friends in 2014, the Legal Services Consumer Panel said:

“1.7. McKenzie Friends can principally benefit consumers by improving access to justice and enabling greater equality of arms, especially when the other side is represented. For many litigants in person, the real choice is actually between using a McKenzie Friend or being entirely unsupported – lawyers are beyond their means and free support is not universally available. Family law clients, in particular, may not litigate out of choice, but are forced by circumstances to fight over hugely important matters, at a time of great emotional stress, in an environment that is unfamiliar and daunting to them.’

Unlike most fee paid McKenzie Friends, Cheryl has legal qualifications and experience making the service not only affordable but also ensures the quality of the service you will receive is second to none. 

For cases involving Tribunals such as education or employment, Cheryl can undertake full case management and appear as an advocate on your behalf.

Cheryl is a Graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). CILEx regulates nearly 20,000 legal professionals and has a clear code of conduct members must follow. This sets Cheryl's services apart from other McKenzie Friends who operate without the assurance of regulation. Find out more here